Canadian Olympic Fashion 2012

The 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS are OVER! It seems to have gone by pretty quickly, or maybe its just me... In honour of the Olympics, I thought it would be good to back track to my favourite pieces of 2012 Canada Olympic Fashions. I've decided to show some of my favourite pieces from this years Olympic games. I believe most of the pieces are essentials for Canadians or anyone in those cold cold countries of the world!
[1] Check out these bad boys! Aren't they cute? I've actually always wanted a pair of these mittens but just never got off my butt and bought 'em. These are perfect for Canadian winters when your fingers literally feel like they are about to fall off. I kid you not! Tell me YOU wouldn't wear these!?

[2] Sweats! I mean who can live with out a pair of sweats? And when they are Canadian sweats, how can anyone pass up? eh? I love how slim the legs are on these particular pants; they are a lot more flattering to wear. I would pair these with a black or white tee and some trainers.

[3 & 4] I think that the most coveted piece of clothing ever in the entire world are Hoodies! Men, Women, Children, Youth, everyone wears them and if not out shopping then worn at home. This is my favourite piece of Olympic Clothing ever and I NEED one of these, especially the red hoodie! Would you wear any of these? What were your favourite Olympic fashions? Let me know below!
P.S. I just realized these are mostly winter fashions. Sorray! I like to bundle up and be cozy! After all I am a Fall baby! :)


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