Ashley Benson & Lucy Hale for Bongo

Looks like Ashley Benson & Lucy Hale are the new faces for Bongo! The Pretty Little Liars stars shot an ad  campaign for Bongo, a young street wear brand based in the USA. The duo travelled to New York and Miami for the shoots. I wonder if we will see in any other Ad campaigns any time soon! I quite liked the shoot. In my opinion the clothing, accessories, and the overall design of the shoot is great! Maybe a little on the Teen-y Bopper side but the girls' personalities are captured well. Wish they included the other PLL girls  (Shay Mitchell & Troian Bellasario) in the shoot too; I would've loved to see their personalities play out in something other than they're hit TV show. 

P.S. Who is your fave PLL? Are you all caught up on Pretty Little Liars btw? I am! I hate waiting for the next episode! I just want to get to the conclusion so I can stop being on edge. I must admit that I cheated and read the plot for future episodes already ... I know, how could I?! I like spoilers, what can I say? :)
..... Oh great now no one is going to hang out with me. Sighs. 


  1. I'm not a fan of PLL (but my mom is! Go figure. :P)
    I like how this shoot turned out, & I read spoilers all the time. I'm making a conscious effort to stop, though. Takes the fun away!

  2. I love that your mom is a fan!(I wish mine was!)
    That is so true! I don't think I can stop! :)


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