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Playing with The Pieces!

We are in the process of moving, and the exciting thing about the new place is that little miss is getting her own room! Till now we've been sharing our room with our not so little baby but she's turned into a toddler and needs her own little space to move around and play. Another key factor is safe play. And thus I am in the market for a stylish yet practical play mat! I am still deciding between a cute rug or a playmat, however I am unable to make a decision. Recently I came upon this super cute play mat company, The Pieces
The price is a little steep for what I wanted to pay, however, if the product is right then why not! I have yet to find something as cute as they play mats elsewhere. Also, from what I hear they are easy to clean, BPA free, lightweight and perfect for indoor and outdoor use! Did I mention that they are double sided?? What more can a parent want?!  My only dilemma now is which one to choose as I don't have a theme for Mini's room yet. I'd li…


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