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#MomLife: One Pot Dinners

FYI, i'm eating 3 (small) scoops of strawberry ice cream with bananas as I write this post. Somehow, in my own little head, the bananas over power the ice cream making my 11 PM snack 10 times more healthier. Again, this is in my own head. I could just be adding extra calories and making myself happy for no reason. Feel free to judge my "healthy eating" choices.  This post is suppose to be about the one pot dinners that have no become my life.
I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of this before. I would over complicate my life, and become extremely overwhelmed when it came to meal time. Since Zoe has been eating solids, I feel as though i've had to become more creative in my meal ideas. I find it very important to introduce new tastes and textures into her diet often to keep her from becoming a picky eater. As of right now, she eats anyth…


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